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BrokerVA is the first and only compliant virtual assistant staffing company for mortgage companies and brokers. Save 70% on support costs for licensed activities like pre-qualifying and processing with experienced mortgage professionals.

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How it Works

Interview and match with our BrokerVA's that have already been screened and tested. We pre-screen hundreds of qualified Filipino US-mortgage professionals and choose the best ones. They typically have at least 5 years work experience as US-mortgage underwriter or processor, corporate pedigrees, and are college educated.
The best part about BrokerVA? Our coaches. Our coaches are available resources for your BrokerVA to assist with on the job mortgag skills development including LOSsystems, processing, conditions, income calculations, and pre-qualifications.
We are the first and only provider of compliant overseas LOA's and Processors built for mortgage brokers. How? We are incorporated in the Philippines and licensed in the US. You need both to pass a state audit (and no one else has both). Licensing: AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, LA, MI, MN, MO, NM, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA and WA

The LO Course:
We give you the guides... for free.

That's right, we give you the downloadable guides, SOP's, and best practices you need to structure your support staff. This course gives you everything you need to instantly have your structure and documentation in place... and it's free to sign up below.

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Charize Caingat

BrokerVA Manager
Marikina City, Philippines

Jivien Carino

Pangasinan, Philippines

Khaye Sicam

Recruiting Manager
Bulacan, Philippines

Marion De Guzman

Client Manager
Baguio, Philippines

Jhom Raborar

HR and Payroll
Muntinlupa City, Philippines

JJ Blancaflor

Head Coach
Internal Coaching
Manila, Philippines

Moises Moises

Bulacan, Philippines

Romel Alcantara

IT Support
IT Support
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Trusted by Awesome Clients

Carol Pope
Empire Home Loans
Top Producer
Want the best customer testimonial ever? Press play.

Ashton Harris

Integrity Mortgage

“My BrokerVA is Andrea and she does a great job as my LOA. She gets organizes everything for me after the borrower fills out my online application. I don't like calculating income and chasing down documents. I needed to cut costs and make staffing changes. I wish I would have done this sooner. It's a very reliable service."

Phillis Wheatley

Mortgage Broker

“I've worked with Charize and her team for over a year now. They help my BrokerVA with difficult income calculations and hard files. I talk to my LOA all day and its nice to have a team member helping me. I highly encourage anyone looking to build a high producing business to speak with BrokerVA about getting operational support. This helped me be on the path to enjoying what I do again."

Mike VanVleet

Xperience Mortgage

“The BrokerVA I work with is very reliable. They start at the same time everyday and have a quick meeting with me for status updates on my files that are in processing. I took the training course to prepare for hiring my first employee. I am from the retail world and never hired someone directly myself. BrokerVA helped me build out the job duties and schedule. It took a minute to get the hang of but it was an investment that was well worth it.”

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