Our onboarding process is built for your success

BrokerVA has a defined set of steps to make sure you are successful so by the time your BrokerVA starts, we are already way ahead.
Initial Zoom
We start with an initial Zoom meeting with one of our Growth_VA's to learn about your business, what you are looking for, and how we can help.
Learning More
We really want to make sure we are the right fit for your origination business; our Deep Dive presentation and sample SOP's will get us there.
That's right, we do interviews, not assignments. Receive resumes and schedule a 45-minute interview where you will meet your Head_VA and Broker_VA candidates. Pick the one that fits the best and pick a start date.
Loan Officer Course
For clients, the Loan Officer Course is a requirement. Why? It will help you sort out the questions you should answer before bringing on Broker_VA.
One-Hour Consult
The one hour consult includes your Growth_VA and Head_VA. It is where we take the results of the Loan Officer Course and digging into the expectations, job descriptions, and systems that your Broker_VA will need to pay attention to on day one. We share these results with your Broker_VA.
Start Date
This is the day your Broker_VA starts for you. Don't forget, your Broker_VA is getting continuous training from our team. We also have a weekly meeting with you to monitor the progress of your Broker_VA.

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